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Welcome to the

Georgia Tech 2022

Virtual Graduate School Showcase!


We are updating our content for the 2022. Please be patient! 



The VGSS is FREE for anyone, anywhere.  You do not have to be a current student to attend. 


Our aims are to provide all attendees a chance to:
Meet with Georgia Tech recruiters as well as recruiters from other universities

  • Gather resources about graduate school

We’re excited to host our second Virtual Graduate School Showcase (VGSS) on Friday, October 21, 2022!

Our set up will be a little different from last year.

9am – 12pm ET: Meet Georgia Tech
Learn more about Georgia Tech’s graduate programs in full detail
12pm – 1pm ET: Georgia Tech Grad Student Meet Up
Meet with Georgia Tech graduate students to learn more about their life and experiences in our grad programs.

1pm – 3pm ET: Chat with Recruiters
Meet with Georgia Tech recruiters + recruiters from other universities

All Day: Ask an Advisor & Help Desk
Ask advisors questions about graduate school applications and more.



Showcase Schedule

Showcase Schedule

Meet Georgia Tech

Chat with Recruiters

Chat with Recruiters

Help Desk

Ask an Advisor & Help Desk

Video Resources

Video Resources

Video Resources

Grad Student Meet Up

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