Showcase Schedule

Showcase Schedule

Create your own schedule and come and go as you need to throughout the day.  Stay for some or stay for all of the events.  It’s your choice!


Showcase Schedule



Showcase Schedule

Ask an Advisor & Help Desk

Chat with Recruiters

Meet Georgia Tech

Videos Resources

Different advisors will be available through the Ask an Advisor & Help Desk page throughout the entire Showcase to answer general questions related to:

  • applying to graduate school at Georgia Tech

  • applying to graduate school in general

  • career development while in graduate school

  • health professions and graduate school (MD/PhD programs, etc.)

  • First Generation students applying to graduate school

  • international student applications

  • financial aid in graduate school

  • nationally and internationally competitive fellowships

Learn about specific graduate programs at Georgia Tech. Each program has customized its events so be sure to go to the program listing on the Meet Georgia Tech page. You can come and go throughout this portion of the Showcase.


    Ask recruiters from Georgia Tech and many other universities specific questions about applying to their programs. This section of the Showcase is more like a tabling session that you would experience at an in-person event. Go to the Chat with Recruiters page to find links and other information for each recruiter you want to talk to.

    You can come and go throughout this portion of the Showcase. Each recruiter listed in the Chat with Recruiters section includes the programs they represent, institution description, and the times they will be available to chat. We strongly encourage you to use the institution listing as if you were walking around a grad fair looking for your program of interest.

    To help keep yourself organized, create a schedule of the recruiters with whom you would like to speak and their chat session times. Once you have your must-see institution list established, go back and add some institutions you had not previously considered.

    THIS SECTION STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.   Watch videos and view other resources about applying to graduate school on the Videos Resources page