Prospective Student FAQs

What is the purpose of the Showcase?
  • The Virtual Graduate School Showcase (VGSS) hosted by Georgia Tech is an annual event and an opportunity for prospective students to connect with recruiters from Georgia Tech as well as other universities from across the U.S. and world.  

What types of programs can participate?

Traditional master’s and doctoral programs as well as deferred MBA programs from anywhere in the world can participate.

The Showcase is not for professional programs such as medicine, law, etc.

Graduate programs based in professional schools are welcome. For example, a graduate program that is based in a medical school.

What is the Showcase schedule?
  • When: Friday, October 20, 2023

Showcase Schedule

All sessions are live and in Eastern Time Zone.

The Showcase is a flexible event. You can come when you can and leave when you want.


Do I have to be logged in for whole Showcase?

No. You can login throughout the day and only attend the sessions that interest you.  You do not have to attend every session. The Showcase is a flexible event. Come when you can. Leave when you want.

In what time zone does the event occur?

All events will take place in the Eastern Time (ET)  zone of North America. The Eastern Time Zone is a time zone encompassing part or all of 23 states in the eastern part of the United States, parts of eastern Canada, and the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. 

If using the World Clock application on an iPhone, for example, enter in the city Atlanta, Georgia USA to compare the time of the event sessions you want to attend to your local time zone.

You can also use a time zone converter such as 


Is the event in real time/synchronous?

Yes. Recruiters are expected to be present during their session. There should be no pre-recorded sessions in place of a person to talk to for each program. 

Who can participate?

Any prospective student from anywhere in the world.

What does the event cost?

It’s free for all prospective students!

How do I register?

Registration period: September 27 – October 18, 2023

Prospective Student Registration

Showcase Schedule

Showcase is on October 20, 2023.

Remember, it’s free. Tell your friends too.

When can I register?

September 27 –  October 18, 2023.

Do I get a fee waiver for attending?

Each program that is participating in the Showcase determines if they will offer fee waivers or not. You will need to view the separate entries on the website (Meet Georgia Tech and Chat with Recruiters sessions) to see which programs are offering waivers.  You will see a list of details about the program when you open that program’s listing.  Look for “application fee waivers”. 


Yes!  Spread the word far and wide across social media and through word of mouth. 

Which recruiters will be there?

The programs that have registered for the Showcase will be listed on the Showcase website according to which session the program is going to participate in: 

Meet Georgia Tech and/or Chat with Recruiters

For Georgia Tech programs:
Georgia Tech programs have the option to participate in one or both of the event sessions (Meet Georgia Tech and/or Chat with Recruiters).  Only Georgia Tech programs participate in Meet Georgia Tech session.  They can also select to participate in the Chat with Recruiters session along with all non-Georgia Tech recruiters. Only Georgia Tech programs that chose to participate in one or both of the sessions of the event will be present. If a program is not listed in a session, that program did not register for the event.  Check both the Meet Georgia Tech and the Chat with Recruiters session listings to learn which Georgia Tech programs are participating.

For all non-Georgia Tech programs:
Non-Georgia Tech programs can only participate in the Chat with Recruiters session. Georgia Tech recruiters who chose to participate in the afternoon session will be there on event day as well.

Will I will be in a virtual conference space?

No. Each program will set up their own links and session. 

Meeting links will be posted in the Meet Georgia Tech and  Chat with Recruiters sections of the event website under each program’s name. Additionally, Georgia Tech programs participating in the Meet Georgia Tech session will be listed first under the college (engineering, liberal arts, etc.) and then in alphabetical order by program name (aerospace engineering, public policy, etc.)

Multiple recruitment sessions will happen at the same time. 

What else can I do at the Showcase besides talk to recruiters?

There will be info sessions about applying to Georgia Tech that you can attend.

Info sessions are listed in the Showcase Schedule.

What if i need help BEFORE OR during the event?

Before the event:

Website tutorial on how the Showcase is organized

During the event: Come to the Help Desk!  There will be someone in the virtual space to assist you from 8:30am – 3:00pm Eastern Time.